The Environment + You

The Environment + You

Can you imagine a world without paper and textiles? Almost everyone uses paper and clothing on a daily basis. This industry is one of the largest segments of the global economy. While it produces income and employment for many, it also has serious negative effects on the world around us.

A few Statistics….

2.4 acres of forest land is destroyed every second to make paper

Almost 3.3 hundred thousand tons of greenhouse gases are emitted from textile factories each day

Every year, thousands of small scale cotton farmers commit suicide

40 Billion Sq. Meters of fabric is wasted every year

A Crisis is Looming

In the past 15 years, clothing production has almost doubled. The textile industry in its current state follows a linear production system wherein, natural resources are harvested from the earth and used to create fashionable clothes and packaging required for it. However, after use, these clothes, their packaging and trims most often find their way to landfills. As a result of the fast fashion phenomenon, the average number of times a garment is worn before being discarded has reduced over the years. Thus, the rate at which we create waste has steadily increased.

Forests are cut back each year to prepare land or the cultivation of cotton and to source raw material for the production of boxes, bags, labels, etc. the rate at which trees are felled is much higher than the rate at which new trees can be grown to take their place. Each year, the textile industry emits more than 1.2 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide. Without sufficient forest cover, these greenhouse gases are wreaking havoc on our environment. That’s not all, chemicals from these industries also pollute water sources and contribute to problems of water scarcity.

In India, the rising number of farmer suicides is also related to the textile industry. Though clothes may be sold at very high price points, the price farmers get for their cotton harvest is often barely enough to cover their costs.

There is a problem –  and there might be a solution too

As fashion businesses, you must make a move towards sustainability. We’ve already done the research and run the tests to know that every small bit makes a big difference.

By partnering with Punarbhavaa, you can help close the loop by using labels, packaging and point of sales accessories created by recycled waste. You can also minimize your brand’s carbon footprint as we do not use any chemical inks for printing and run our manufacturing process solely on renewable energy sources.

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