About Us

About Us

Punarbhavaa Sustainable Products (PSP India) is a packaging and point of sales accessory manufacturer specializing in design and manufacture of high quality, sustainably produced labelling and packaging products made with 100% recycled cotton and recycled polyester. Headquartered at Tirupur, a textile manufacturing hub in South India, the company acts locally and thinks globally.

Our Business Values


  • Responsibility

We manufacture a range of products in an ecologically responsible way. Punarbhavaa takes the responsibility of finding ways to convert textile wastes into paper which in turn can be used for different kinds of packaging so that the amount of waste that finds its ways to landfills reduces.

  • Customer Satisfaction

We strive to understand customer needs and are always willing to go the extra mile to meet them through our expertise in the apparel industry. For us, every customer is special and we do our best to look at things from the customer’s perspective so as to design the perfect solution for their needs while staying economically viable.

  • Creativity

We design innovative and unique labels, packaging solutions, point-of-sales accessories etc. that reflect the brand’s identity while staying green.

  • Ecological Consciousness

All Punarbhavaa products are 100% tree-free, manufactured from farmyard cotton and industrial waste, recyclable and biodegradable.  That’s not all, all our papers are sun-dried and our plant runs on renewable energy. We use only vegetable-based inks, that are free from harmful chemicals, for our printing.

What Makes Us Different?


Punarbhavaa isn’t just another label and packaging manufacturer. When we make a claim to be socially and ecologically responsible, we back that claim with our products and actions.

We believe in minimizing the use of virgin resources from the earth and recycling waste to close the loop. Also, our manufacturing process is designed to minimize pollution and toxic waste creation. We run our manufacturing units on renewable energy sources and do not use chemicals for any kind of printing.

Our raw materials are sourced only from farmyard cotton waste, consumer waste and industrial waste. Over the years we have been able to create 100% tree-free, acid-free paper from these raw materials that are biodegradable, compostable and economically competitive.

Certifications and Awards

We do not work to win awards but we are proud of the name we have created for ourselves. Punarbhavaa is the only Global Recycled Standards (GRS)certified factory for paper. This certification is only given to companies who meet stringent criteria for recycled content, social and environmental practices and chemical restrictions in the manufacturing of their products.

We are also a member of the Textile Exchange and in 2015 won the runner-up position for the Textile exchange Innovation Awards at the Organic Cotton Round Table.

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